Ohanaeze Faction Demands Apology from Gowon Over ‘inflammatory’ Comments

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A faction of the apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has demanded that former head of state, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (Rtd), apologize for what they deem as recent “inflammatory” comments regarding the Nigerian Civil War experience.

Ohanaeze asserts that Gowon’s remarks have reignited painful memories and reopened deep wounds among the Igbo people.

“We challenge Gowon to reflect on his actions and recognise the need for reconciliation and repentance,” Isiguzoro said. “His steadfast refusal to acknowledge the pain and suffering caused by the war displays a failure to grasp the gravity of his role in that dark period of our history”, the group said.

The group also asserted that Gowon’s survival for over five decades, despite an estimated 3 million Igbo lives lost in the war, gave him a “unique opportunity for redemption and reconciliation.”

“As a professed Christian, we implore Gowon to heed the call of conscience and take necessary steps to seek forgiveness from the Igbo people by acknowledging his mistakes, revealing the truth behind the Aburi Accord, and issuing a sincere apology,” he added.

Isiguzoro further stated that Gowon’s “repeated insensitive comments” undermined Igbo reconciliation efforts despite their “demonstrated forgiveness and commitment to national development.”

He called on the former head of state to “seize this pivotal moment to discard the relics of the past, embrace humility, and offer a long-overdue apology”, saying it would pave the way for “genuine reconciliation” and “lasting peace and harmony.”