Nobody Will Be Allowed To Exhume Remains of late Whitney – Lagos Govt

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The Lagos State Ministry of Justice has opposed exhuming Whitney Adeniran’s remains after the autopsy revealed that she died from hypoxia and electrocution.

Adeniran, a student at Chrisland School, passed away on February 9 at the Agege Stadium while participating in inter-house athletic events for the school.

An autopsy was conducted as a result of the controversy surrounding the student’s death and the parents’ demands for justice from the authorities.

Alo Grace, the director of public affairs for the ministry, said in a statement on Saturday that should a formal request for exhumation of the deceased’s bones come in, the state government will reject it.

This was amid assurances by the police to seek legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions in the state regarding the incident.

The statement reads: “Adeniran’s death was as a result of asphyxia and electrocution, as indicated by an autopsy conducted by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.

“The Lagos State Ministry of Justice is aware of the current ongoing dialogue about the alleged plans to exhume the body of the late Whitney Omodesola Adeniran, a student of Chrisland Schools whose death as revealed by the autopsy, conducted by Lagos State University Teaching Hospital was as a result of asphyxia and electrocution.

“Whilst we have not received any such official communication requesting for exhumation, however, if and when we do receive such a request, we shall be opposed to it.

“In any event, the circumstances for exhumation under the Coroners’ Systems Law, 2015 do not arise in this case. Additionally, it is not our intention to further traumatise the deceased’s family.”