NLC Rejects Abure’s Re-election As LP National Chairman

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has adamantly rejected the re-election of Julius Abure as the Labour Party’s national chairman, asserting their refusal to acknowledge him in any capacity.

Abure secured his position as the party’s national chairman during a national convention held in Nnewi, Anambra State, on Wednesday. Despite this, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress’ representative slots remained unfilled at the convention.

The convention witnessed the reinstatement of all members of the National Working Committee. However, the absence of representatives from both the NLC and the Trade Union Congress cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the proceedings. Benson Upah, the spokesperson for the NLC, condemned the convention as a sham and declared the NLC’s unwavering stance against supporting the party under Abure’s leadership.

In response to the news, Upah emphasized that the NLC vehemently opposes recognizing Abure’s re-election, dismissing it as inconsequential. He labeled the convention as a farce, underscoring the NLC’s firm refusal to endorse any initiatives led by Abure within the Labour Party. The NLC’s stance reflects a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the outcome of the convention and underscores their commitment to advocating for change within the party’s leadership.

He said, “It’s an illegality, a nullity. The whole exercise was a charade! Nothing can legitimise such brazen impunity.”