NLC Ends Warning Strike, Commends Nigerians

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Nigerians have been directed to resume back to work following the conclusion of the two-day warning strike by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

The Congress had last week declared a two-day warning strike to protest the hardship caused by the removal of fuel subsidy and other policy initiatives of the current administration.

In a statement issued in Abuja, the NLC President, Joe Ajaero, commended Nigerians for participating in the strike.

Ajaero said: “We are pleased to report that, thanks to your resolute commitment, we have made significant strides in achieving the goals set during our National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, which prompted the initiation of this warning strike.

“It is abundantly clear that our united message has resonated loudly with the government, and it would take a truly inattentive ear not to hear it.

“As we mark the end of the two-day nationwide warning strike today, at the stroke of midnight, we earnestly call upon you all to gracefully conclude the strike and return to work tomorrow in accordance with our initial agreement.”