Nigeria’s Constitution Permits Dual Citizenship, Fashola Speaks On Tinubu’s Alleged Dual Citizenship

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The dual citizenship of a person is permitted under Nigerian law, according to Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola.

Fashola asserts that being a dual citizen does not exclude someone from running for political office in Nigeria under the constitution.

Remember that over the weekend, rumors surfaced that claimed Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, was in possession of a passport issued in Guinea Conakry?

Internet users went into a frenzy after learning about the incoming president of the largest economy in Africa reportedly lying under oath to the country’s electoral body.

But reacting while speaking on Sunday night during an interview with Channels TV, Fashola who has been a longtime ally of Tinubu, said: “I know he carries a Nigerian passport; I don’t know about dual citizenship.

“I know he resided abroad when he went on exile, I don’t know if they gave me American citizenship. What has that got to do with the result of the election?”

He added: @?“The last time I checked. I think that Nigeria’s constitution allows you to have a dual citizenship.

“I will check. But I doubt that the Nigerian constitution makes you disentitled if you have dual citizenship, because the constitution allows you to have dual citizenship.”