NEMA To Evacuate Over 2,000 Stranded Nigerians In Sudan

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In light of the prevailing crisis, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has stated that it intends to rescue more than 2,000 stranded Nigerians in Sudan.

Onimode Bandele, director of special duties for the organization, revealed it on Monday.

The evacuation procedure will be carried out on Tuesday, according to Bandele.

“The truth is nobody has been evacuated yet. I just spoke to the ambassador, Olaniyan, in Khartoum a few minutes ago.

“It is true that there are plans to get buses to start moving tomorrow morning.

“And as I speak to you, the Director General, National Emergency Management Agency, Mustapha Habib, is already in Cairo because that is the window that we are looking at”, he said.

“Our projection was that most students and others who want to evacuate are about 5,000.

“But with my discussion with the ambassador this morning, the plan is for about 2,650-2,800 to move immediately, including families of embassy staff.

“As these plans continue, we’ll be able to update you with the actual figure and the exact time of departure from Khartoum to Cairo,” he noted