NCC warns telecoms customers to link NIN to SIM or face disconnection

The National Communication Commission (NCC) has issued a stern warning to telecom customers across Nigeria, emphasizing the need to link their National Identification Numbers (NIN) to their SIM cards or face disconnection. Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, stressed the importance of this action for critical national security purposes, stating that it is imperative for consumers to comply with this directive.

Speaking at the NCC’s Special Day during the 45th Kaduna International Trade Fair, Maida conveyed the Commission’s directive to all telecommunications operators to deactivate phone lines of subscribers who have not linked their NINs to their SIM cards by February 28. This deadline underscores the urgency of the matter and emphasizes the seriousness with which the NCC regards this issue.

Represented by the Commission’s Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Mouka, Maida highlighted the NCC’s role as a regulator of the telecommunications sector, ensuring service availability, affordability, and sustainability for all consumers. He emphasized the importance of leveraging ICT/Telecoms to drive both personal and business activities, underscoring the pivotal role that telecom services play in the daily lives of Nigerians.

Furthermore, Maida noted that the NCC has established a robust regulatory framework aimed at promoting transparency, quality of service, and fair competition within the telecommunications industry. Additionally, the Commission has implemented channels for consumer redress, enabling consumers to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the NCC’s directive regarding the linking of NINs to SIM cards reflects its commitment to enhancing national security measures while ensuring the provision of reliable and accessible telecommunication services to all Nigerians.

“With this year’s trade fair theme, ‘Sustaining Economic Recovery through Deepening Local Content Value Chain’, Maida stated that it is extremely important as it resonates deeply with the principles and objectives of the NCC on the promotion of local content development in the telecoms industry.”

“Our vision at NCC is to create a dynamic regulatory environment that ensures universal access to affordable and equitable service and supports the nation’s economic growth.”

“To this end, the Nigerian Communicamos Commission had on May 17, 2023, directed all licensed Mobile Network Operators (MNO to commence implementation of approved Harmonized Short Codes (HSC) for providing services to Nigerian telecom consumers.”

“The measure was initiated by the Commission in a bid to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) of consumers across all mobile networks.”

“The new initiative is enabling consumers using the over 224 million active mobile telephone lines in Nigeria to use the same codes to access services across all networks. For instance, the same code *310# will be used for checking airtime balance across all the networks.”

“Campaign on National Identification Number-Subscriber Identification Module (NIN-SIM) Linkage – NIN-SIM Linkage is a process of connecting your NIN to your phone numiner to authenticate and protect your identity. To link your NIN to your SIM, a subscriber needs to submit his/her NIN to their respective Service Provider to complete the process of NIN-SIM linkage.”

“For subscribers who do not have the National Idennfication Number (NIN), they can obtain theirs from National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) Enrolment Centres of Your Service Providers Customer Care Centres, and you need a valid ID Card and BVN for enrollment.”

“A subscriber can also link his/her NIN to his/her SIM by sending NIN- your 11 digit NIN to 996 or Dial 996,” he said.