NBAWF Inspire Her Series: Senator Daisy Danjuma Urges Women to Stop “Pull Her Down Syndrome”

Senator Daisy Danjuma, Vice Chairman of South Atlantic Petroleum, has called on women to support women. She made this call at the 4th Inspire Her Series of the Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum, which was held yesterday at The Wheatbaker, Ikoyi, Lagos. She urged women to help one another to get to the top. She encouraged women’s groups to collaborate in mentoring young girls and inculcating values in them. According to Senator Danjuma, we cannot all be businesswomen but in whatever we do, we should do them well. She urged women to be creative, strive to be the best and be innovative. She also noted that we need an enabling environment for women to flourish and that women should have the opportunity to be involved in policy and decision-making.

She noted that women should mentor people and impact knowledge on the next generation of women. She urged women to be confident and have integrity. While speaking about managing her career and her home she noted that women need to be strong. She emphasized that she was very connected with her children and communicated very well with them. She urged women to plan their lives and teach their children the right path. She noted that women should create time for the family, balance career and family life, and find time for rest because their mental health is important. Talking about the Support System, Senator Danjuma said that a woman needs to support herself first. In her words, “You must have the zeal. You must go halfway for someone to push you. Start something before you ask for support. You must work hard and have vision and integrity”.

The distinguished Senator enumerated her giant strides while serving as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria between 2003-2007, stating her impact as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Women Affairs and Youth Development as well as the Chairman of the Women and Child Rights Committee of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS Parliament). She also noted that she fought female genital mutilation in Edo State and empowered native nurses to start trade, using the media to create awareness about the dangers of female genital mutilation and using traditional rulers and spiritual leaders to sensitize the people. Senator Danjuma noted that Nigeria has the highest mother and child mortality rates. In that regard, she is committed to building a hospital which will cater for women’s maternity needs at no cost. She urged women to do something to save women as she noted that health is wealth.

To succeed as a wife and a mother, Senator Danjuma noted that one must learn time management and create a good home as it helps to get the support of the husband. She also noted that her success in her career life is all about time and chance. She pointed out that being a lawyer helped her in her political journey at the National Assembly because it was an added advantage for her. In building a successful career and family life she noted that you need resources, and you also need to be strong, patient, and resilient. She also stated that it is important to promote girl child education as training a woman translates to training a nation.

Inspire Her Series is a flagship event of the Advocacy Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum (NBAWF). The Forum, led by Mrs Chinyere Okorocha, is committed to empowering female lawyers for success through its numerous activities. Membership of the Forum is open to female lawyers who are registered members of the Nigerian Bar Association.