NBA Women Forum Conference: Schedule Of Sessions

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The Nigerian Bar Association Women Forum (NBAWF) proudly announces her 2nd Annual Conference (in commemoration of the International Women’s Day 2022), scheduled for the 31st of March 2022.

Amongst other incredible offerings—including networking and the ebullience of entertainment—the conference is fully packed with insightful and inspiring sessions, which speak to various topical issues as they concern the gamut of women in the Nigerian Legal Profession.

The conference will feature six illuminating sessions with a total of 25 speakers – selected from a host of remarkable and respected female lawyers, who have made noteworthy strides in our noble sphere.

Full details of the sessions are found below:

Topic: Hidden Biases in Courtroom Dynamics: Gender and The Judiciary
Time: 10.15am -11.15am

It goes without saying that judicial decision-making must always be independent and impartial. Nevertheless, there is no denying that certain gender stereotypes ultimately compromise the impartiality and integrity of the justice system. Against this background, in this session, the speakers will shed light on the role of gender bias in relation to judges and the need to eliminate judicial stereotyping to ensure equality and justice for victims and survivors. Addedly, they will explore new ways to implement appropriate and effective national strategies for the advancement of women in the justice system and judicial institutions at leadership, managerial and other levels.

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Topic: Rising to the occasion: Leadership from The Eyes of a Contemporary Young Women
Time: 11.15am -12.15pm

Off the momentum of the first session, this session will elicit a proper appreciation of what true leadership entails. It will provide insights into how young women can reach out for the limelight and take control, inspire others, and make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those around them; rather than remaining on the side-lines. The session will see discussions on the professional, patriarchal structures in the legal profession that affect the compatibility of work, family life and the work-life balance for women; as well as the everyday experiences that contribute to the success of women in the legal profession. Also, talks will highlight critical issues surrounding how the legal profession’s mental health challenges have one-in-four women mulling career change.

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Topic: Advancing Society: The National Assembly as a Friend or Foe?
Time: 12.30pm -1.30pm

This session considers the reality of the place of the Nigerian National Assembly in fortifying gender inequality in the country. The topic is particularly relevant in lieu of the recent vote by the National Assembly (which consists of 95.9% men) on March 1st, 2022, refusing greater participation of women in public governance, leadership in political parties, citizenship rights, etc. The speakers will, thus, set in motion, thought-provoking discussions on how the National Assembly’s refusal to support women reinforces the lack of support for gender inequality; with further attention on the effect of the National Assembly’s refusal to pass crucial amendments that support gender inclusive laws for Nigeran women.

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Topic: The road less travelled: Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the legal profession
Time: 1.40pm – 2.40pm

This speakers for this session will offer some enlightenment on the need for lawyers to be on the front line in the fight against sexism and harassment, especially amidst increased national attention on these issues. They will not only be providing the tools to allay these worries but will also consider the issues involved in reporting sexual misconduct, including the gap between reporting and prosecuting cases, as well as how reporting will often limit a survivor’s access to job opportunities. Owing to the undeniable predominance of bullying and harassment in the workplace, the session will also discuss effective employee behaviour policies and possible penalty for persons guilty of harassment.

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Topic: Shattering Stereotypes: Heels in the Boardroom – A case for Navigating or Negotiating the Corporate Ladder
Time: 3.30pm- 16.30pm

The 5th session will bring to the fore, pressing matters vis-à-vis Gender imbalance and women under-representation in corporate governance. The session’s insightful analyses will centre on how women can ascend the corporate ladder without compromising competence, with the goal of improving their bargaining power. Is there a need for deliberate policies on women representation on Boards? The speakers will also deal with this question, while suggesting other key success strategies to ameliorate the current unsatisfactory realities.

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Topic: The Debate: Justifying diversity – Should quotas be used to achieve legal parity?
Time: 16.30pm-17:30pm

To bring the conference to a spectacular close, the final session will be a debate, which promises to engender scintillating thoughts on the necessity or otherwise of the employment of quotas as a measure towards achieving gender diversity in the legal profession. In this intellectual duel, reinforced by an arsenal of facts and reasoning, we hope to make headway in achieving gender equality and balance as lawyers in Nigeria.

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The conference is assured to be a meeting of colossal impact. You cannot afford to miss it.

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