NBA Presidential Candidate, Tobenna Erojikwe Pledges to Convert Two Floors of NBA Headquarters into Free Coworking Spaces for Lawyers

In a bold move that could reshape the landscape of legal practice in Nigeria, Tobenna Erojikwe, the leading candidate for the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) presidency, has unveiled plans to transform unutilized space in the NBA Secretariat in Abuja into free, modern workstations for lawyers.

Tobenna Erojikwe’s proposal aims to address a long-standing issue within the legal community: the lack of access to suitable office facilities for many practitioners. “The NBA has two buildings within the FCT, with most of the lettable space remaining unoccupied for several years, yet most lawyers lack access to befitting workstations with serviceable office equipment and facilities,” Erojikwe stated.

The presidential hopeful’s plan involves converting at least two floors within the NBA Secretariat into fully equipped, functional workstations. These facilities would be available at no cost to lawyers from within and outside the jurisdiction, potentially revolutionising how many legal professionals conduct their day-to-day operations.

This initiative could have far-reaching implications for the Nigerian legal community. By providing free access to modern office facilities, the NBA would be directly supporting its members, particularly those in the early stages of their careers or facing financial constraints. This move could level the playing field, allowing more lawyers to compete effectively in an increasingly demanding professional environment.

Moreover, the proposed workstations could foster collaboration and networking among lawyers, creating a vibrant community within the NBA Secretariat. This could lead to knowledge sharing, mentorship opportunities, and potentially new partnerships.

From an economic perspective, the initiative could result in significant cost savings for individual lawyers and small practices. The expenses associated with renting and equipping an office space often represent a substantial financial burden. By eliminating these costs, lawyers could redirect their resources towards other aspects of their practice, such as professional development or expanding their client base.

Erojikwe’s proposal aligns with his campaign slogan, “Leave No Lawyer Behind,” emphasising his commitment to supporting all members of the legal profession, regardless of their financial standing or career stage. “This, for me, is one way that our association can put its resources to good use for the benefit of its members, who deserve such support for their practice,” he explained.

When implemented, this initiative would set a new standard for how professional associations support their members. It demonstrates a proactive approach to utilising available resources for the direct benefit of NBA members, potentially increasing the perceived value of NBA membership.

As the NBA presidential election approaches, Tobenna Erojikwe’s proposal has certainly caught the attention of the legal community. It remains to be seen how this bold plan will influence voters, but it has undoubtedly sparked a conversation about the role of the NBA in supporting its members’ professional needs.

The success of such an initiative would depend on various factors, but when realised, it would mark a significant step towards a more inclusive and supportive environment for legal practitioners in Nigeria.