NBA-ICLE’s Remarkable Revival: Prof. Ojukwu, SAN Commends Tobenna Erojikwe’s Leadership

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In a celebration of extraordinary achievement, legal practitioners from across Nigeria converged at the International Conference Centre (ICC) on Monday, August 28, 2023. They gathered on the sidelines of the Annual General Conference of the NBA to applaud the groundbreaking work of the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) under the astute leadership of Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of the Governing Board.

The evening began with a heartfelt opening remark from Mr Olumide Akpata, the immediate past President of the NBA, who lauded the exceptional work done by NBA-ICLE under Erojikwe’s stewardship. The NBA-ICLE has been instrumental in bringing continuing professional development to the forefront of the legal profession in Nigeria.

A highlight of the event was the enlightening panel session moderated by the illustrious Mrs. Boma F. Alabi, OON, SAN, featuring distinguished panellists: Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN, fondly known as “Teacher”; Ms. Aisha Ado Abdullahi, former Treasurer of the NBA and member of the NBA Kano Branch; and the man of the hour, Tobenna Erojikwe himself.

Prof. Ernest Ojukwu’s lead presentation revisited the institute’s historical journey, emphasising its role in building professional capacity. He lamented its previous decline and celebrated Erojikwe’s leadership in resurrecting the NBA-ICLE and returning it to its rightful place. Prof. Ojukwu advocated for the institute’s full independence, aligning with its founders’ vision.

Ms. Aisha Ado Abdullahi echoed the sentiment, highlighting the significant benefits the NBA-ICLE’s training programmes have brought to her branch, the NBA Kano Branch. She emphasised the critical importance of continuous legal education for lawyers to remain relevant in a dynamic legal landscape.

Tobenna Erojikwe expressed his gratitude for the event in his honour and commended the NBA-ICLE’s Governing Board and dedicated staff for their tireless efforts. He also acknowledged the invaluable contributions of over 150 facilitators who generously shared their knowledge and expertise without monetary compensation. Erojikwe, who also practices as a solicitor in England and Wales, passionately underscored the importance of value addition in leadership and his relentless pursuit of the founders’ vision for the NBA-ICLE.

The event culminated in a lively afterparty, where legal professionals from all corners of Nigeria mingled, fostering connections and unwinding amidst the ongoing NBA Annual General Conference.

The celebration not only acknowledged Tobenna Erojikwe’s exemplary leadership but also shone a spotlight on the resurgence of the NBA-ICLE’s crucial role in advancing the legal profession through continuous education.

As the legal community continues to applaud the accomplishments of NBA-ICLE, it remains evident that the institute’s resurgence stands as a remarkable achievement in the pursuit of legal excellence in Nigeria.