NBA-ICLE’s Mastering Blockchain for Lawyers Training: Davidson Oturu to Provide Overview of Blockchain Technology in Day 1 of Training

On February 15, blockchain expert Davidson Oturu will kick off the Nigerian Bar Association’s (NBA-ICLE) 5-day virtual training programme “Mastering Blockchain for Lawyers” with an introductory session tailored for legal professionals.

In the opening presentation, Oturu will trace the evolution of blockchain technology, starting from Bitcoin’s creation in 2008 to the diverse blockchain ecosystems today. He plans to explain key blockchain components as well as differences between types of blockchains and their real-world applications.

According to a summary of the session, Oturu also intends to analyse regulations and laws that impact blockchain’s legal framework. Additionally, he will explore the intersection of intellectual property rights with blockchain innovation.

Through the comprehensive introductory presentation, Oturu aims to equip lawyers with a strong foundation for understanding blockchain’s critical facets, including its technical components, legal implications, and relationship with IP rights.

NBA-ICLE Chairman Tobenna Erojikwe announced the free training programme earlier this month, inviting interested lawyers to register at Oturu’s opening session promises to provide lawyers with valuable insights into blockchain technology.