NBA-ICLE’s Mastering Blockchain for Lawyers Training: Buki Ogunsakin to Demystify Blockchain Technology for Lawyers in Day 2 of Training

Today, Friday, February 16, technology lawyer Olubukola (Buki) Ogunsakin will lead the second day of the Nigerian Bar Association’s (NBA-ICLE) free virtual training, “Mastering Blockchain for Lawyers.”

Building on Davidson Oturu’s introductory session, Ogunsakin plans to provide an in-depth exploration of blockchain anatomy, including block structure and purpose. She intends to unravel the cryptographic principles powering blockchain security and delve into blockchain architectures.

Buki Ogunsakin, in this second session of the training, intends to take participants on a deep dive into the anatomy of a blockchain, unravelling its structure and purpose. Lawyers are expected to learn the language of crypto as they explore the cryptographic principles that power blockchain’s security. Buki will deal with the blockchain architecture and the validity of these infrastructures.

With her expertise, Ogunsakin will demystify smart contracts for participants, explaining their functionality and transformative potential across industries. Her session will also cover smart contract enforceability, digital signatures, and data privacy considerations.

NBA-ICLE Chairman Tobenna Erojikwe assembled leading experts like Ogunsakin to deliver this revolutionary training opportunity, equipping lawyers with insights into emerging technologies.

Lawyers interested in joining Ogunsakin’s forward-thinking session can register at The training aims to prepare legal professionals for the technological revolution.