NBA-ICLE Organises Arbitration Mentorship Opportunity For Members

The Nigerian Bar Association International Centre for Legal Excellence (NBA-ICLE) is organizing an arbitration mentorship opportunity for members.

In an effort to promote professional development and enhance expertise in arbitration, the NBA-ICLE has initiated a mentorship program. The program aims to provide aspiring arbitrators with guidance, support, and practical insights from experienced professionals in the field.

The arbitration mentorship opportunity offers participants a valuable platform to interact with seasoned arbitrators and gain knowledge about the intricacies of the arbitration process. Mentees will have the chance to engage in meaningful discussions, receive feedback on their work, and learn from real-life arbitration scenarios.

By facilitating this mentorship program, the NBA-ICLE seeks to foster a culture of excellence in arbitration and equip young legal practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this specialized field. The program will also contribute to building a network of skilled arbitrators who can effectively handle complex disputes and contribute to the growth of arbitration in Nigeria and beyond.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for this unique mentorship opportunity, which promises to be an enriching experience for those seeking to develop their expertise in arbitration.

To apply, Interested Members should send a personal statement of not more than one page which will include a short bio and reason why the applicant considers himself or herself most suitable for the opportunity.

Selection: One person from each of the geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Submit by email to & cc:

Deadline: COB 6th of July, 2023