NBA-ICLE/NCDMB Energy Law Training: Day 1 Concludes with Comprehensive Expert Sessions and Enthusiastic Participant Engagement

The first day of the highly anticipated Energy Law Training, a collaborative effort between the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) and the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), has drawn to a close in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. The event, which commenced today, July 1st, saw an impressive turnout of over 500 lawyers from 35 NBA branches, with additional participants joining virtually through the provided Zoom link.

Day 1 of the training delivered a robust and comprehensive overview of critical aspects of energy law, presented by a panel of distinguished experts. The sessions covered a wide spectrum of topics, offering participants deep insights into the intricacies of Nigeria’s evolving energy sector.

Prof. Bayo Adaralegbe set the tone for the day with his session on the “Legal and Regulatory Framework for Upstream Operators in Nigeria.” His presentation meticulously dissected the complex legal landscape governing upstream operations, touching on recent legislative changes and their implications for practitioners. A participant from the NBA Warri Branch noted, “Prof. Adaralegbe’s breakdown of the regulatory framework was eye-opening. It’s given me a new perspective on advising clients in the upstream sector.”

HRH, Sir Barrister David Serena-Dokubo followed with his talk on “Lawyering in Nigeria’s Petroleum Sector.” Drawing from his vast experience, he shared practical insights on navigating the unique challenges of legal practice in this field. His anecdotes and case studies particularly resonated with the audience. A lawyer from the NBA Port Harcourt Branch commented, “Sir Serena-Dokubo’s session was a masterclass in practical energy law application. His real-world examples were invaluable.”

Yemisi Awonuga’s session on “Key Considerations on Oil and Gas Transactions and Conducting a Review of Oil and Gas Contracts” provided a deep dive into the nuances of energy transactions. Her presentation included detailed analyses of contract clauses and potential pitfalls in negotiations. An attendee from the NBA Lagos Branch remarked, “Awonuga’s insights on contract reviews will directly impact how I approach my next energy sector deal. This alone was worth the trip to Yenagoa.”

The afternoon session saw Dayo Okusami explore “Energy Transaction: The Role of Natural Gas.” His presentation highlighted the growing significance of natural gas in Nigeria’s energy landscape, discussing legal considerations surrounding its development, transportation, and utilisation. A participant from the NBA Abuja Branch observed, “Okusami’s session opened my eyes to the vast opportunities in the natural gas subsector. It’s an area I’ll definitely be exploring further in my practice.”

Mr. Okechukwu Okoro concluded the day’s proceedings with his talk on the “Fiscal Regime under the PIA (Petroleum Industry Act)”. His comprehensive breakdown of the financial and regulatory implications of the PIA provided clarity on this complex legislation. A lawyer from the NBA Benin Branch stated, “Okoro’s explanation of the fiscal regime was brilliant. It’s demystified many aspects of the PIA for me.”

Throughout the day, the engagement level remained high, with participants actively participating in Q&A sessions and discussions. The virtual attendees were also fully integrated, with the online platform facilitating their questions and comments.

Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of NBA-ICLE, expressed his satisfaction with the day’s proceedings, stating, “The depth and breadth of knowledge shared today exemplify the calibre of expertise we aimed to bring to this training. The enthusiastic participation and insightful questions from attendees, both in-person and virtually, underscore the relevance and timeliness of this initiative.”

As Day 1 concluded, there was a palpable sense of anticipation for the second day of training. Many participants were seen networking and discussing the day’s learnings, highlighting the event’s role not just in education but in fostering professional connections within the energy law community.

The success of this first day underscores the importance of continuous legal education in the rapidly evolving energy sector. It sets a high standard for future initiatives in this field and demonstrates the NBA-ICLE and NCDMB’s commitment to enhancing local legal capacity in Nigeria’s crucial energy sector.

As the event continues, it promises to play a significant role in shaping the future of energy law practice in Nigeria, equipping lawyers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of this dynamic field.