NBA-ICLE/NCDMB Energy Law Training Concludes with Powerful Day 2 Sessions and Networking Gala

The second and final day of the groundbreaking Energy Law Training, jointly organised by the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) and the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), concluded on a high note in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. The event, which took place on July 2, 2024, built upon the success of the first day, offering participants an even deeper dive into crucial aspects of energy law and career development.

Day 2 commenced with Joseph Omo-Oba’s insightful presentation on “Upstream Petroleum Operation, Licensing, and Regulation under the PIA.” His session provided a comprehensive overview of the changes brought about by the Petroleum Industry Act, offering attendees valuable insights into navigating the new regulatory landscape. A lawyer from the NBA Benin Branch enthused, “The depth of knowledge imparted over these two days has been phenomenal. Joseph Omo-Oba’s session on the PIA was particularly enlightening. It’s given me a solid foundation to advise clients on the new regulatory landscape.”

Following this, Prof. Samuel Chisa Dike delivered a thought-provoking talk on “The Role of Major Stakeholders in the Petroleum Industry in Promoting Energy Security in Nigeria.” His presentation highlighted the interconnectedness of various sectors and the crucial role legal professionals play in ensuring energy security. An attendee from the NBA Port Harcourt Branch remarked, “Prof. Samuel Chisa Dike’s presentation on energy security was eye-opening. It’s broadened my perspective on the interconnectedness of stakeholders in the petroleum industry. This knowledge will be invaluable in my practice.”

Anthony Ezeamama’s session on “An Overview of the Power Sector in Nigeria” shed light on the complexities and opportunities within this vital sector. Participants gained a deeper understanding of the legal frameworks governing power generation, distribution, and regulation in Nigeria. A virtual participant from the NBA Abuja Branch shared, “Anthony Ezeamama’s overview of the power sector was comprehensive and insightful. As someone looking to diversify into this area, I now feel much more confident about the legal frameworks involved.”

Ugochi Ihedigbo’s presentation on “The Role of Due Diligence in Oil and Gas Transactions” was particularly well-received. Her practical approach to this critical aspect of energy law transactions provided attendees with invaluable tools for their professional practice. “Ugochi Ihedigbo’s session on due diligence in oil and gas transactions was a game-changer for me,” said a lawyer from the NBA Warri Branch. “Her practical approach and real-world examples have equipped me with tools I can immediately apply in my work.”

The day concluded with a powerful session by Tobenna Erojikwe on “Career Diversification in an Intriguingly Competitive World.” This forward-looking presentation encouraged participants to think beyond traditional legal roles and explore the myriad opportunities available in the rapidly evolving energy sector. A young lawyer from the NBA Yenagoa Branch expressed enthusiasm about this aspect: “Tobenna Erojikwe’s talk on career diversification was inspiring. It’s opened my eyes to opportunities I hadn’t considered before in the energy sector.”

Throughout the two-day event, the engagement level remained exceptionally high, with participants actively contributing to discussions and Q&A sessions. The virtual attendees continued to be fully integrated, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all. A virtual attendee from the NBA Kano Branch praised the inclusivity of the event: “Despite participating remotely, I felt fully engaged throughout. The technical setup was excellent, allowing us to interact seamlessly with speakers and other attendees.”

As the training sessions drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of achievement among the attendees. Many expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from such distinguished experts and connect with colleagues from across the country.

The event culminated in a grand networking gala held at the prestigious Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa. This elegant affair provided a perfect platform for delegates to unwind, reflect on the intensive training, and forge lasting professional connections. The atmosphere was electric as lawyers, speakers, and industry professionals mingled, discussing the future of energy law in Nigeria and potential collaborations.

Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of NBA-ICLE, addressed the attendees at the gala, stating, “What we’ve achieved over these two days goes beyond mere knowledge transfer. We’ve laid the foundation for a more robust, informed, and interconnected legal community in the energy sector. The enthusiasm and dedication shown by all participants bode well for the future of energy law practice in Nigeria.”

This successful conclusion of the training programme marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance local legal capacity in Nigeria’s crucial energy sector. It sets a new standard for professional development initiatives and underscores the commitment of NBA-ICLE and NCDMB to fostering excellence in energy law practice.

As the delegates departed, carrying with them a wealth of knowledge and new connections, there was a shared sense of anticipation for how this experience would shape the future of energy law in Nigeria. The impact of this training is expected to ripple through the legal community, contributing to more informed, efficient, and innovative practices in the energy sector for years to come.