NBA-ICLE Mentorship Scheme Update: Over 500 Applications Received! Applications Still Ongoing and Welcomes Female Lawyers Returning After Childcare-Related Career Break

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In a groundbreaking move to advance the legal profession in Nigeria, the Career Development Centre of the Nigerian Bar Association-Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) introduced an innovative mentorship scheme. This initiative is designed to empower the career development of NBA members and to address the absence of a structured post-qualification grooming system within the Nigerian legal profession.

The response has been overwhelming, with over 500 applications already received, and the NBA-ICLE has announced that the scheme is now open to female lawyers returning to the profession after a childcare-related career break.

Here’s what participants can look forward to:

1. Interactive Online Platform: Gain access to a real-time online platform, facilitating dynamic discussions on career development with subject matter experts as mentors.

2. Mentorship Induction Training Series: The privilege to enrol in the NBA-ICLE Career Development Mentorship Induction Training Series equips you with essential skills and knowledge for career growth.

3. Monthly Group Mentorship: Engage in monthly mentorship sessions tailored to specific legal subject matters over the 12-month programme, providing valuable guidance and insights.

4. Personalised Mentorship: Get paired with mentors aligned with your area of practice or interest, ensuring a tailored and effective mentorship experience.

For members who are between 1 and 10 years post-qualification and female lawyers returning to the legal profession after a childcare-related career break who aspire to be mentees, the application link is provided here:
Applications will remain open for one more month, with the scheme set to become fully operational by December 1, 2023.

Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of the Board of NBA-ICLE, is optimistic that this innovative approach will play a pivotal role in enhancing the legal service delivery landscape and fostering the career growth prospects of NBA members. With the mentorship scheme poised to make a lasting impact, the Nigerian legal profession is on a transformative journey towards excellence.