NBA-ICLE Announces the Launch of a Career Development Mentorship Scheme

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In a significant stride towards advancing the legal profession in Nigeria, the Career Development Centre of the Nigerian Bar Association-Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE) has unveiled an innovative mentorship scheme. This initiative aims to bolster the career development of NBA members and address the absence of a structured post-qualification grooming system within the Nigerian legal profession.

Under the NBA-ICLE Mentorship Scheme, participating members will benefit from a range of career-enhancing opportunities:

1. Interactive Online Platform: Participants will gain access to a real-time online platform, fostering dynamic conversations on career development and options with esteemed subject matter experts who will serve as mentors.

2. Mentorship Induction Training Series: Members will have the privilege of enrolling in the NBA-ICLE Career Development Mentorship Induction Training Series, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for career growth.

3. Monthly Group Mentorship: Throughout the 12-month programme, participants will engage in monthly mentorship sessions tailored to specific legal subject matters, offering invaluable guidance and insights.

4. Personalised Mentorship: Participants will be paired with mentors who align with their area of practice or interest, ensuring a tailored and effective mentorship experience.

The scheme, spearheaded by female colleagues within the NBA, also extends an invitation to NBA members who wish to serve as mentors. Those interested in mentoring are encouraged to reach out by sending an email, along with a short bio, to Sarah at, with in copy.

For members who are between 1 and 10 years post-qualification and aspire to be mentees, the application link is provided here: Applications will be open for one month, with the scheme set to become fully operational by December 1, 2023.

In a message sighted by our reporter, Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of the NBA-ICLE said:

“It is important to mention that this scheme is borne out of feedback received from attendees of the NBA-ICLE training. The feedback indicated that facilitating a mentorship programme to help members in their career growth and development is required. From the needs analysis carried out by the NBA-ICLE, it was found that the absence, in the legal profession in Nigeria, of a well-structured post-qualification grooming regime like pupillage, articling, or training contract regime strengthens the need for a mentorship programme.”

Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of the Board of NBA-ICLE, expressed optimism that this innovative approach will play a pivotal role in enhancing the legal service delivery landscape and fostering the career growth prospects of NBA members. With the mentorship scheme poised to make a lasting impact, the Nigerian legal profession looks set to embark on a transformative journey towards excellence.