By Dr Promise Wobo Iwezor

Empowering the Future of the Legal Profession

Dearest Colleagues,

As a candidate for the office of First Vice President, I am committed to harnessing the potential of young lawyers in Nigeria. Our profession is the backbone of justice, and it is our responsibility to shape the future of the legal landscape.

My Vision:

– Create opportunities for mentorship, training, and capacity building
– Foster a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity
– Enhance the welfare and well-being of young lawyers
– Promote diversity, inclusion, and gender equality
– Strengthen relationships with international legal communities

My Programs:

– Establish a mentorship scheme pairing experienced lawyers with young lawyers
– Organize regular workshops, webinars, and conferences on cutting-edge legal topics
– Launch a startup incubator for legal tech and innovative legal services
– Advocate for better working conditions, fair compensation, and mental health support
– Collaborate with international bar associations for exchange programs and knowledge sharing

Together, let’s shape the future of our profession!

Vote Promise Wobo Iwezor,Ph.D
For First Vice President Nigerian Bar Association