Mrs Folashade Alli, SAN Speaks on Global Shifts in Legal Practice

Mrs Folashade Alli, SAN has spoken extensively on the need for Lawyers to adapt to the global shifts in the legal world. She said “We are navigating an era where global partnerships and cross-border collaborations are not just beneficial; they are imperative for success and sustainability.”

She said this while delivering the opening speech at the 2024 NBA Lagos Law Week on Monday on the theme, “Charting New Legal Frontiers: Practice of Law in Nigeria, Cross-Border Alliances & Partnerships”.

Read full speech below;

It is with profound honor and a deep sense of privilege that I welcome you to NBA Lagos Annual Law Week 2024. In this distinguished gathering, we are united in our commitment to confront and navigate the significant transformations our profession faces, particularly as we adapt to the global shifts in legal practice.

This year’s Law Week theme, “Charting New Legal Frontiers: Practice of Law in Nigeria, Cross-Border Alliances & Partnerships,” reflects our collective ambition to forge new paths in the practice of law. We are navigating an era where global partnerships and cross-border collaborations are not just beneficial; they are imperative for success and sustainability. As we explore these frontiers, we aim to adapt and thrive in a landscape marked by rapid changes and increased connectivity.

Throughout the week, our sessions are designed to tackle various facets of our theme comprehensively. We will delve into strategies for expanding Nigerian legal practices into new markets, mastering the challenges of maintaining dual qualifications, and effectively utilizing technological advancements such as AI and blockchain. Additionally, we address pressing concerns such as the brain drain and the urgent need for talent retention within our legal community. These discussions aim not only to provide us with the knowledge to explore current trends but also prepare us for emerging opportunities and challenges. Each session is crafted to enhance our understanding and equip us with the tools to lead in the global legal arena, manage complex international transactions, and foster resilient partnerships that ensure that we remain at the forefront of legal innovation and excellence.

It is my distinct pleasure to specially acknowledge our keynote speaker, Mr. Segun Osuntokun, the Global leading partner in Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, one of the foremost global law firms.

I also want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our panelists, moderators, and debaters, whose invaluable contributions will be pivotal to the success of this week. Each of you will bring depth, expertise, and diverse perspectives that will enrich our discussions and expand our horizons. Your willingness to share your knowledge and engage in meaningful dialogue will enhance the quality of our sessions and inspire us all to strive for excellence in our practices.

We will be marking Nigeria’s Democracy Day within this eventful week, and a democracy walk will be held to remind us of the important role that our profession plays in nurturing and safeguarding the tenets of democracy.

The Democracy Walk will be held alongside a series of community-focused events that highlight our commitment to societal betterness. These include a Charity Visit to Island Maternity and a Charity & Legal Clinic at Ikoyi prison—activities that not only exemplify our profession’s role in advocacy but also ground us in the everyday realities that shape our legal frameworks.

The Bar and Bench Forum is a cornerstone of this week’s activities and will serve as a vital platform for open dialogue between the judiciary and the legal profession. This forum will play a critical role in bridging gaps and promoting a more cohesive approach to justice and advocacy.

A special highlight of our week is the New Wigs Induction, a venerable tradition of the NBA Lagos Law Week. This ceremony is a significant rite of passage for our newest members and a celebration of their entry into the legal profession. It is an opportunity for us to welcome fresh talent and for them to imbibe the ethos and responsibilities of the noble path they have chosen.

Amidst the intellectual rigor of our sessions, we have also curated moments for relaxation and celebration, which are crucial for our personal and professional well-being. The Honourable Chief Judge’s Cocktail, the Red Carpet Law Week Theme Party, and the Elders’ Night for senior members of the Bar offer splendid opportunities for us to unwind and forge deeper connections with our peers in more informal settings.

The week will culminate in a spirited Novelty Football match and a Family Fun Day, a day for our members to unwind with their loved all ones, because we believe that ‘all work and no play’ should never be our motto.

I would like to extend a heartfelt vote of thanks to Mr. Olabisi Makanjuola, chair of our branch, and his executive committee for their visionary leadership and steadfast dedication to innovation. I also wish to pay tribute to the members of our planning committee, whose sacrifices and hard work have been the backbone of this event’s success. Your dedication and commitment are what make this law week possible, and for that, we are immensely grateful.
Our sponsors also deserve our gratitude for their generous support. Their commitment has enabled us to create a week filled with valuable learning and networking opportunities.

Lastly, I sincerely thank all of you, our delegates, for attending. Your presence enriches our discussions, your insights enhance our learning, and your commitment to our profession inspires all of us.

Thank you for joining us. Welcome to what promises to be not only an informative but also an inspiring and transformative week.

Mrs. Folashade Alli (SAN)
Monday, 10th Of June, 2024