Mercy Chinwo Slams ₦2bn Lawsuit On Obidiz For Using Her Name In A Secular Music

Hip-hop musician Obidiz is being sued by gospel singer Mercy Chinwo for defamation of character and illegal use of name and picture.

In response to the publication of Obidiz’s most recent hit, Mercy Chinwo, Mercy Chinwo filed a lawsuit against him.

The singer of the song used Mercy Chinwo as an example of a wayward club girl in the term.

“She dey share me the cake, but she no want commit. Mercy Chinwo for church, but for club na Cardi B sef.”

The suit by the gospel artist said Obidiz made “Derogatory and defamatory use of the name and image of Mercy Chinwo in secular music audio and video” and issued a “Notice to cease and desist.”

According to the document, Obidiz is to desist from further use of Mercy Chinwo’s name and image.

He is also to take down the song, and promotional videos and make a public apology. Failure to comply with these demands may attract a fine of N2,000,000,000.