Man Sentenced To Death For Killing & Using Another Man’s Body Parts For Pepper Soup

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The Rivers State High Court has sentenced a man, Bestman Le­kia, popularly known as “Biggie”, for the alleged murder of another man and using his intestines to prepare pepper soup and plantain meal.

The convict, Biggie, was found guilty of murder, armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping and cultism, and was sentenced ac­cordingly.

The Court sentenced him to death by hanging for killing four persons and using the in­testines of one of the victims to prepare meal in Okwalie com­munity, Khana Local Gov­ernment Area of the State.

The Court held that Lekia and others now at large killed four victims namely, Gbodu Nobaale, Etim Ekpe, Nenalebarri Mmeabe and Loveday Mmeabe after they were kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location in the Local Government area.

According to revelations, one of those kidnapped by the convict and his gang mem­bers was Loveday Mmeable, whose stomach was ripped open and his intestines used to prepare pepper soup and plantain meal by the abduc­tors in 2019.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Adolphus Enebeli, in his judge­ment found Bestman Lekia guilty of murder, kidnapping, cultism and armed robbery and stated that the prosecution counsel was able to prove his case with the necessary evidence and presentations.

The State Prosecution Counsel, Chidi Ekeh, expressed happiness with the judgment, stating that it has taken a threat out of the society.
Ekeh stated, “As a human being, I do not take delight in the fact that he (Lekia) is going to die. But I feel happy that the Law and the State did not fail the society”.

He was consequently taken into custody pending when he will be hanged in line with the judgement of the Court.