Malawi Police Welcomes First Set of Albino Officers

The Malawi Police Service has commissioned the first set of albino officers after two people living with albinism were welcomed into the force on Tuesday.

The two new officers, Constables Hamid Vasco and Brenda Mhlanga, graduated from the National Police College after six months of training.

They were welcomed into the police service along with other new recruits.

Vasco, a 25-year-old albino, who said it had always been his dream to join the police, said he decided to join the force to help stop attacks on people with albinism in the Southern African nation.

He said: “So, this gave me the opportunity to apply to be a police officer so that I can work hand in hand with my fellow officers on issues of investigating the cases and crimes concerning the killing and abduction of persons with albinism.”

Malawian authorities have battled over the years to curb attacks on people living with albinism who are often targeted by ritual killers over the belief that certain parts of their organs bring good luck.

Statistics have shown that since 2014, more than 170 albinos have been attacked or killed in Malawi because of the false beliefs that concoctions mixed with their body parts bring luck and wealth.