LP, PDP Criticises FG For Rejecting EU Election Report

In a joint statement, the LP and PDP expressed their dismay and concern over the FG’s decision to disregard the findings and recommendations presented by the EU regarding the recent elections. The EU report highlighted several irregularities and shortcomings that occurred during the electoral process.

The LP and PDP argue that rejecting the report demonstrates a lack of commitment to transparency, accountability, and the overall improvement of the electoral system in the country. They believe that the FG’s dismissal of the EU report undermines the credibility of the election and erodes public trust in the democratic process.

Both parties called on the FG to reconsider its position and engage in constructive dialogue to address the issues raised by the EU report. They emphasized the importance of upholding democratic principles and ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections for the progress and stability of the nation.

“It is hypocritical for the Federal Government to receive support from the EU for the elections and discard its findings because it is not in their favour,” Shaibu stated.

In the same vein, the National Publicity Secretary of LP, Obiora Ifoh, said that the presidency’s comment is a face-saving measure.

“It will interest the government to note that the European Union’s report is only one out of numerous submissions by other international Observers who have described the outcome of the election as a sham and an exercise that did not reflect the will of the majority of Nigerians,” Ifoh said.

According to him, the Labour Party stands by the position of the EU observation mission.

“We have always said that this election was massively rigged in favour of the APC and their candidate,” he added.

“What the FG is saying is just an afterthought and a shameless effort to mask the obvious. Even the blind can see, the deaf can hear and they know this election was manipulated,” Ifoh said.

While the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) defended the credibility of the elections, the EU report was seen as an opportunity for improvement rather than an indictment.