Leading Mining Law Experts Akper and Muritala Facilitate NBA-ICLE/NBA Kaduna Branch Training on Mining Law

The Nigerian Bar Association, Kaduna Branch, in collaboration with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA-ICLE), recently hosted a successful intensive training on mining law and practice. The event, held at the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation in Kaduna, attracted over 300 participants from various NBA branches across the country.

The training featured two renowned experts in the field. Prof. Peter Terkaa Akper, PhD, SAN, OFR, a leading authority on mining law in Nigeria, served as the lead facilitator. Prof. Akper’s presentation delved into the intricacies and current trends in mining law, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge on critical aspects of mining regulations and legal frameworks in Nigeria.

Complementing Prof. Akper’s session, Olatunji Muritala, a partner at The LawCrest LLP, facilitated a focused discussion on mining contract clauses. Muritala offered participants a comprehensive understanding of essential clauses in mining contracts, complete with detailed explanations and sample clauses demonstrating effective drafting techniques.

The training, organised under the leadership of Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman of the NBA-ICLE, aimed to address a growing need within the legal profession, particularly in Northern Nigeria. Tobenna Erojikwe explained the rationale behind the training: “We had seen a significant upsurge in commercial mining activities around northern Nigeria, and the companies that undertake these activities require lawyers who understand the industry to advise them, but the capacity to deliver is lacking, thus forcing the clients to seek legal advice elsewhere. This training was done to equip participating lawyers with the necessary knowledge and skills to advise on and handle mining and mining law matters.”

Expressing his gratitude, Tobenna Erojikwe thanked the facilitators and participants, stating, “I am grateful to the facilitators, Prof. Peter Terkaa Akper, PhD, SAN, OFR, and Olatunji Muritala, a partner in my law firm who took time out to conduct this training, the participants who stayed from the beginning to the end of the training, and to the Nigerian Bar Association, Kaduna Branch, ably led by Godwin Ochai, and Law Week Planning Committee Baba Lawal Aliyu, FCIArb (UK).”

Baba Lawal Aliyu, FCIArb, in his closing remarks, thanked the NBA-ICLE for organising the event and expressed appreciation to the facilitators for their well-presented sessions and to the participants for their engagement and dedication.

The training received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants, with many describing it as “deep, an eye-opener into a new area of the law” and “great training; kudos to ICLE and Tobenna Erojikwe for bringing it to us in Northern Nigeria.”

This successful event underscores the NBA-ICLE’s commitment to providing relevant and high-quality continuing legal education, particularly in emerging areas of practice such as mining law. It also highlights the importance of tailoring such training to meet the specific needs of different regions across Nigeria.