Lawyers All Over Nigeria Declare Their Support for Tobenna Erojikwe

We are excited to announce the launch of a new app designed to help you show your support for Tobenna Erojikwe, who is contesting for the position of President of the Nigerian Bar Association. This app allows you to easily insert your name and picture alongside Tobenna’s as a sign of endorsement.

Here’s how you can join the growing trend of lawyers across Nigeria declaring their support:

1. Visit the link: [](
2. Insert your name and picture: Follow the simple steps on the app to add your details.
3. Download and share: Save the generated image and share it on your WhatsApp status, class groups, social media handles, and other platforms of your choice.

It only takes 30 seconds! By sharing your support now and repeating this from time to time before the election, you can help spread the word and build momentum. Encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Join the growing number of lawyers across Nigeria who are showing their support for Tobenna. Together, we can make a difference.

Let’s unite and show our support for Tobenna Erojikwe as the next President of the Nigerian Bar Association!

Lawyers across Nigeria have taken to the app to declare their support for Tobenna, see some their endorsements below;