Lawyer Raises Alarm Over The Unhygienic Condition Of Court In Cross River

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Murtala Abdul-Rasheed, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, has expressed concern over the discovery of poisonous reptiles near the location of the Cross River State Elections Petitions Tribunal.

Abdul-Rasheed also bemoaned the fact that the court’s filthy condition puts its bar members in great danger and makes it difficult to decide on petitions from aggrieved politicians.

Speaking during the inaugural sitting of the second panel, he said: “All we have here are broken chairs and ceilings; the fans are not working.

“The environment is overgrown with weeds, and this is certainly a flourishing ground for dangerous reptiles.

“If we have two cases today in this venue, it will constitute a dangerous health hazard for us.

“This venue will adversely affect the dispensation of justice because the judges are also human beings.

They need a conducive environment to dispense justice to all manner of people.

“The tribunal must be made conducive for lawyers and judges to come and practise their trade.”

He further said that he has had the privilege of attending inaugural sittings in other places and has called for similar decent, hygienic, and conducive environments to enable them to work efficiently.

The chairman of the panel, Justice M.A. Sambo, said the observation was good, but the assignment must be done because there is no extension of time.