Law Group Demands For The Establishment of Sharia Court in Oyo

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The Oyo State Government has been urged to create a Sharia Court by the Elders Consultative Forum of the Supreme Council for Shariah.

The Shariah is a set of divine laws that govern all facets of Muslims’ life and how they conduct themselves in reference to both Allah and other people.

Alhaji Lasun Sanusi, the forum’s chairman, made the request on Sunday in Ibadan during a seminar for judges of Independent Sharia Courts.

According to Sanusi, introducing Shariah would lessen crime, advance responsible leadership, and foster a tranquil environment.

He said that certain Muslims had established an Independent Shariah panel in the state to provide a forum for the consideration of issues or the resolution of disagreements among Muslims in accordance with Islamic Law (Shariah).

Sanusi claimed that in order for the Independent Shariah panel’s decisions to be supported by the law and upheld by parties, the government had to be acknowledged by creating a Shariah Court.

The forum chairman said that the Constitution of Nigeria already recognised freedom of religion, adding that Muslims are entitled to operate within the parameter of Islamic Law.

“Our demand is that whatever Islamic religion entails should be given to us so that Muslims will know they have right to practice their religion in accordance with Section 38 of the Nigeria Constitution.

“Shariah is not all about killing as erroneously believed by some individuals and is not biding on non-Muslims,” he said.

The chairman said that sharing property, divorce and other aspect of Muslim lives should be in accordance with Islamic Law.

According to Justice Tajudeen AbdulGaniyu of the Customary Court of Appeal in Oyo State, the Shariah Panel should be viewed as a temporary solution with the establishment of the Shariah Court as the final objective.

AbdulGaniyu asked the Muslim community at all levels to step up their efforts and peacefully demand the establishment of a Sharia Court in the state.

The judge claimed that the panel’s performance over the previous 20 years had demonstrated that the majority of the cases they had handled were left unresolved or abandoned, demonstrating a lack of enforcement authority on the panel’s part.

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