Lagos Chief Judge Frees 30 Prison Inmates

The Lagos State Chief Judge, Justice Kazeem Alogba, has granted freedom to 30 prison inmates in the state. The news was confirmed by Rotimi Oladokun, the spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) in Lagos State, who spoke to journalists on Saturday.

According to Oladokun, the released inmates were those who had committed minor offenses such as assault, disorderliness, low-level shoplifting, road traffic offenses, theft, burglary, and similar non-serious crimes.

He highlighted that the custodial facilities in the state are currently holding over 8000 inmates, which is above their intended capacities. This overcrowding situation emphasizes the need to release more inmates to address the issue.

Oladokun urged the state government to carefully review the database of inmates to identify more individuals who could be eligible for release, particularly those who have committed minor offenses and pose no significant threat to society.

He also appealed to the general public to welcome and integrate the freed inmates back into society. Reintegration and acceptance are crucial to help these individuals reintegrate successfully and contribute positively to their communities.

He said: “The inmates released are those who committed minor offences such as assault, disorderliness, low-level shoplifting, road traffic offences, theft, burglary, among others.

“There is, however, need to free more inmates as the state custodial facilities are housing over 8000 inmates, which are above their capacities.”