Kogi: INEC Cancels Election In Ogori-Magongo LGA Over Pre-Recorded Result Sheets

INEC has taken the decision to cancel elections in 67 polling units in Ogori-Magongo local government area of Kogi State. This move came in response to protests by Magongo community residents who raised concerns about results being pre-written on the sheets before the commencement of accreditation and voting.

The residents, dissatisfied with the situation, gathered at the Magongo RAC center, alleging collaboration between INEC officials and the ruling APC party in prematurely assigning results.

The pre-filled results indicated 120 votes for the APC, while the PDP and SDP were given one vote each, despite the fact that the election had not yet started. The cancellation reflects INEC’s commitment to addressing irregularities and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process, particularly in cases where there are concerns about the fairness and transparency of the elections.

“The election here has been cancelled. The protest has made the INEC officials call off their staff. In all polling unit in Ogori/Magongo local government.” according to a source.