Jungle Justice is a Criminal Act, Stop It – Police Warns Nigerians

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The Nigeria Police Force has issued a stern caution against the prevalence of jungle justice across the nation, emphasizing its adverse impact on the effective administration of justice. Such practices pose significant threats to the smooth functioning of justice systems, thereby undermining the rule of law in our beloved country.

In a press release issued by the Public Relations Officer of Force Headquarters Abuja, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, on Monday, the NPF reiterated the imperative of respecting due process and avoiding extrajudicial measures.

Highlighting the global condemnation of such acts, the police underscored the necessity for civilians and local vigilante groups to grasp the gravity of usurping legal authority and the consequential ramifications. Jungle justice stands as a formidable obstacle to the enhancement of the criminal justice system, a fact recognized both domestically and internationally.

It reads further, “the Nigeria Police Force has condemned the act of jungle justice and urged the public to desist from taking the laws into their own hands by way of using jungle justice, mob actions, and other forms of extrajudicial killings as a way of bringing justice to criminals.

“Jungle justice is a criminal act and grave violation of human rights that threatens the fabric of a civilized society, perpetuating a cycle of violence, prejudice, and lawlessness.

“It undermines the authority of legitimate institutions and weakens the rule of law.

“Jungle justice is a dangerous and regressive practice that has no place in a civilized society. Instead of promoting justice, it breeds violence, fear, and injustice.

“It is imperative that communities reject vigilantism and uphold the rule of law, ensuring that justice is served through fair and transparent legal processes. Only then can we truly uphold the principles of democracy, human rights, and equality for all.”