Joyce Oduah FICMC, immediate past General Secretary of the NBA on the 11th of October, 2023 Announced Free Virtual Preparatory Sessions and Mock Exams for Nigerian Law School Students across all Campuses

In a remarkable presentation at the Nigerian Law School’s Kano Campus on the 11th of October, 2023, Joyce Oduah FICMC, Principal Partner in Joyce & Okey Oduah LP and immediate past General Secretary of the NBA, delivered an insightful address to the eager minds of aspiring lawyers. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Oduah emphasised the significance of emotional and social intelligence in the legal profession and the 21st-century business environment. She underlined the critical role these skills play in developing meaningful relationships, both in academic and professional circles.

She offered valuable advice on how these skills can be applied not only in the legal profession but also in preparing for the Bar Finals. Her message resonated with the students who are gearing up for the Bar exams in November. Oduah’s address culminated in an exciting announcement: she would be organising a free virtual preparatory training session for students across all Nigerian Law School campuses. The training would include a structured mock exam similar to the Bar Finals, with rewards for the top performers, such as wigs and gowns, personalised mentorship sessions and internship opportunities in her law firm, Joyce & Okey Oduah LP. This initiative, along with the broader “The Agile Legal Professional” mentorship project, aims to prepare aspiring lawyers for the demands of the legal profession and foster a supportive community.

Joyce Oduah’s presentation left a lasting impression on the future legal professionals, offering them guidance, support, and the tools to thrive in a world that increasingly values emotional and social intelligence alongside cognitive skills. Her commitment to their success and her belief in their potential marked a promising start to their legal careers. As the students eagerly embraced her message, they embarked on their journey towards the Bar with newfound confidence and determination. To read the full paper click the link