JiCN Holds Roundtable Discussion On Reform Of The Garnishee Proceedings In Nigeria

The Justice in Commerce Network (JiCN) invites members of the Legal Profession to a focus group discussion on the reform of the garnishee proceedings in Nigeria.

The event is part of a Garnishee Law Reform Project (GLRP) jointly organized by the Justice in Commerce Network (JiCN) and the Association of Banks’ Legal Advisers and Company Secretaries (ABLACS). The event holds on Tuesday 4 October 2022 from 9am.

Stakeholders, including the courts, the legal profession, the banks, the non-bank industry, and relevant regulators will discuss:

• the inclination of judgment creditors to add all the banks in Nigeria to their garnishee applications (the “scatter-gun” or “fishing expedition” approach);

• the conflicting jurisprudence on the status of judgment debtors in the enforcement of judgments through garnishee proceedings;

• how to stay of execution pending appeal may be reformed to more fairly balance the interests of judgment creditors and judgment debtors in garnishee proceedings;

• how best the legitimate interests of banks as garnishees may be protected, while at the same time preventing the possibility of a judgment debtor defeating the interest of a judgment creditor through preemptive practices.

To attend, members are to register via: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYrfuygpzgoGtBnM3dbZ_u0zA26UCcdBQdb.


Fernandez Marcus-Obiene
For JiCN