Insecurity: Group Demands Arrest, Prosecution of Sheikh Gumi

The World Institute for Peace (WIfP) has issued a call for the arrest and prosecution of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic cleric, citing his repeated comments and stance on insecurity in the country. In a statement released to the press on Sunday, the group emphasized the necessity for security agencies to investigate Gumi’s involvement in the prevailing insecurity, particularly in the northern region.

During a meeting held in Osogbo, Osun State on Saturday, the WIfP’s Chairman, Lamina Kamiludeen, endorsed the statement expressing concern over Gumi’s consistent criticism of the Nigerian military and other security agencies whenever they confront bandits and terrorists. The group believes that Gumi’s outspoken remarks may have implications for national security and stability, prompting their demand for his interrogation by law enforcement authorities.

The WIfP’s stance reflects growing apprehension among certain quarters regarding Gumi’s influence and the potential consequences of his rhetoric on the country’s security landscape. By urging for Gumi’s arrest and prosecution, the group seeks to address what they perceive as a critical threat to peace and stability in Nigeria, particularly in the face of escalating insecurity, particularly in the northern regions.

As tensions surrounding security issues continue to mount, the call for accountability and legal action against individuals like Gumi underscores the pressing need for effective measures to combat insecurity and uphold the rule of law in Nigeria. The WIfP’s demand signals a broader conversation about the responsibilities of public figures in addressing and mitigating the challenges posed by insurgency and banditry in the country.

“At different times in the past, Sheikh Gumi has made controversial remarks about military campaigns against insurgence and banditry in the north,” the statement said.

“While speaking at a forum last week on the topic ‘when will there be an end to Nigeria’s recurring abductions?’ via X space, Gumi was quoted as saying “To them (military) they are fighting a war. Honestly, the military has been very hard on them, the Air Force is killing their families,” Kamiludeen said.

He further wondered if Gumi was above the law that he cannot be called in for questioning over alleged inflammatory statements he has been making which not only undermine the efforts of security forces but would also embolden perpetrators of crimes to continue creating security challenges across the country.

“His continuous criticism and condemnation of the efforts of the security forces send signals that Gumi may be among the sponsors of the insecurity in Nigeria.”

“Nigerian security agents must take immediate action to question Sheik Gumi regarding his involvement in the ongoing insecurity in the country.”

“His actions constitute a threat to national security and must be addressed with urgency. Or is Gumi above the law? Action must the taken to prove that no one is above the law of the land,” the group emphasized.