INEC Returning Officer Reveals How She Was Threatened To Manipulate Results In Abia

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Professor Nnenna Otti, the returning officer for the Abia State governorship election for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has revealed how she was intimidated and under pressure to rig the results.

Otti, the vice chancellor of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, said this on Tuesday while he was being greeted by the institution’s administration, employees, and students.

The compilation of the results for the Obingwa Local Government Area (LGA) was momentarily stopped by INEC, which originally caused controversy in the process that led to the election of Labour Party’s Alex Otti as governor-elect last Wednesday.

Speaking about the election, Nnenna Otti said that she was given a substantial financial incentive to change the numbers before the results were officially announced.

“As an electoral officer, I have never in my life participated in any election, but duty came calling, I made my enquiries from Abuja.

“If I perish, I perish, they came with their threats, they came with their money, they came with their intimidation”, she shared.

Speaking further, Professor Otti stated that stood on her ideals and principles not to short-change anyone, ensuring that the will of the people prevailed.

“I didn’t start today; I stand here before God, Jesus Christ.

“I have never defrauded anyone, all l I did was to declare the riot act as follows: under me, votes must count.

“Under me, the people’s mandate will be upheld because I, Professor Nnnena Otti, can never do evil,” she added.