‘I’m Not Practising Law’ – “Baddest Lawyer” Ifunanya replies NBA

The controversial Lawyer, Ifunanya has replied the Nigerian Bar Association that she’s a lawyer by book but not practicing law.

She further stated that she’s belongs to the entertainment world i.e she’s a model, an actress, an upcoming musician and a rapper.

She said in the video: “If I keep quiet, it’s going to be like an admission of guilt. So, it’s good for me to come out and actually clear my name. I’m not a practising lawyer. I am a lawyer by book, but I am not practising. At least for now, I don’t have any interest to practise law, maybe someday in the future.”

She continued: “At the moment, I am a model. I am an actress, and I am an upcoming musician, a rapper, to be precise. So everything I do, everything I post [on social media] is just for entertainment purposes. It has nothing to do with my legal career. I’m not practising law. I don’t have any intention to practise law for now. So right now, my focus is on the entertainment business.”

She further explained: “Before I even became a lawyer, I was a model. I have always been a model. And I have always been into music. I have always been an actress. So, lawyer is just one of the numerous things I am. Everything I post on social media is in my capacity as a model, an actress, and upcoming rapper.”

“I’m not a practicing lawyer and I’m not on Twitter”