”I Don’t Know Anything About The Financial Status of the Association”, NBA National Treasurer, Accuses NBA President of Making Her Office Redundant

The National Treasurer of the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA), Caroline Adidi Anze-Bishop has said that she knows nothing about the financial status of the Association. She also alleged that the NBA President, Mr Maikyau SAN, is making her office redundant.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the NBA which held recently in Abuja, she stated that the financial aspect of the association is being run without her knowledge and involvement in any way.

She further stressed said that the President made it known to the National Officers at the National Executive Committee Meeting held on August 15, 2023 that he does not need to consult her or get her consent to run the financial affairs of the association which she felt is wrong and in violation of the NBA Constitution.

She further told members at the AGM that she cannot attest to the financial report of the association or the exact figure in the association’s purse because she was excluded from being a member some crucial Committees which include: Finance Committee, Stabilization Fund Committee, and all Committees that deal with the finances of the association. She also stated that financial memos do not pass through her office but are channeled through the office of the Secretary and the President approves them.

She therefore called on members to call the President to order so that each elected executive can operate freely without fear or being Intimidated by anyone.