How Tobenna Erojikwe is changing the landscape of Legal Education in Nigeria

We must give it to #TobennaErojikwe and his Team at the #NBAICLE who has made Continuing Legal Education amongst members of the #NigerianBarAssociation a personal battle that must be won at all cost.

Until Tobenna assumed Headship of the #NBAICLE under the #OlumideAkpata Administration, the idea of Continuing Legal Education was very distant and remote in the minds of too many a Nigerian lawyer. Today, the concept has gained incredible currency amongst practitioners; particularly the younger Bar, in a manner that inspires hope.

By all means, we should not take this for granted. Knowledge remains the greatest stock in trade of the legal practitioner. At a time when the legal services industry is confronted by sophisticated clients with a faint knowledge of what they require from a lawyer even before approaching him or her, there’s no question that the modern lawyer must be ahead of the prospective client by all means.

This is the gap which the well curated NBAICLE Lecture Series seeks to plug and what a great job Tobenna and his Team has made of it! The dynamic Bar we want; one that adds value to its membership must be anchored on theoretical knowledge of law practice areas and the practical nuances to unlocking the opportunities for business inherent in them. I hope that law firms and other stakeholders in the legal services industry are availing themselves and members of their team of this unprecedented and innovative drive at Legal Education.

Raymond Nkannebe