Hardship: Kaduna Holds Day 2 Protest Amid NLC Suspension

– Urges FG to address issue of inflation, poverty and insurgency

The Nigerian Labour Congress, Kaduna State Council, continued their peaceful protest on the second day of the nationwide demonstration, reiterating their demands amid workers’ dissatisfaction with the prevailing hardships, poverty, and insecurity ravaging the country despite the initial protest suspension by the Nigerian Labour congress(NLC)

Following the first day of protest, the NLC held a National Executive Council (NEC) meeting to review the protest actions nationwide. Satisfied with the turnout, it was decided to suspend the street demonstrations. However, some states, including Kaduna and Borno, were granted permission to continue their protests after appeals to the NEC.

Comrade Sulieman, the Chairman of the NLC Kaduna Council, highlighted issues such as insurgency, poverty, and inflation leading to widespread hunger as major concerns fueling workers’ dissatisfaction. He appealed to the government to address these issues and meet the demands put forth by the workers. This ongoing protest underscores the urgency and gravity of the challenges facing the Nigerian populace, with workers calling for tangible solutions to alleviate their plight.