Happie Boys Arrested In Cyprus, Remanded In Prison

Happie Boiz, former security officers and entertainers, has apparently been detained in Cyprus.

The three lads were reportedly detained, appeared in court yesterday for an arraignment, and were then remanded in custody.

The boys made headlines earlier this year when they accused the priest, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, who sent them on scholarship to Cyprus after they were fired from a fast food restaurant for dancing while working, despite the fact that specifics of their arrest and detention are still vague.

The team led by Matthew Kelechi, insulted the revered priest by claiming that he had abandoned the boys in Cyprus.

The priest then offered to pay for their return airfares to Nigeria so they could enroll in any university there or in the Benin Republic, but they turned him down.

The boys also made unpleasant remarks about the clergyman and mocked his inability to continue their overseas scholarship in Europe over economic reasons and scarcity of foreign exchange.