Gov Yusuf Abba Swears In Justice Dije Aboki As First Female Chief Judge

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Justice Dije Audu Aboki has been sworn in as the first female Chief Judge of Kano State by Governor Abba Yusuf.

At the ceremony, which was held on Monday at Africa House, Government House, Kano, Governor Yusuf encouraged the judges to support his administration’s efforts to tear down illegal buildings and reclaim public property that the previous administration is said to have obtained illegally.

The worth of collaboration between the three departments of government was emphasized by Governor Yusuf.

“The relationship between the judiciary, legislature, and executive is not competitive, but complementary,” he said.

He expressed his commitment to maintaining cordial relations among these branches.

The governor praised Justice Aboki’s dedication to the legal profession, noting, “Justice Aboki has paid her dues in the temple of justice and through experience, talent, and patriotism is by the grace of God elevated as the Chief Judge of the state”.

While addressing the challenges of dispensing justice swiftly, Governor Yusuf highlighted the need to address violent crimes promptly, stating, “It is our view that when such cases are dealt with expeditiously and those found guilty are punished, it will deter others hoping to engage in criminal acts”.

In her response, Chief Judge Justice Aboki expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and pledged to uphold integrity, honesty, and justice in her role.

She conveyed her determination to restore the lost glory of the judiciary in Kano state and called for support and collaboration from the executive, legislative, and judicial arms of government, as well as the professional bodies.

The new Chief Judge promised to restore the judiciary’s prestige.

With Justice Aboki’s inauguration, Kano State takes a significant step towards promoting gender diversity and strengthening the rule of law.