Gov Bala Signs Three Executive Order On Unfair Trade Practices, Illegal Deforestation

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has signed three executive orders to enhance consumer protection, environmental conservation, and the safeguarding of public infrastructure. These measures are part of the state government’s broader initiative to address pressing local issues.

The first of these, Executive Order No. 2 of 2024, specifically targets community and environmental protection, public safety, and security. A significant component of this order is the prohibition of deforestation within Bauchi State. This directive aims to address the rampant problem of illegal tree felling, which has been contributing to environmental degradation and threatening biodiversity in the region.

Governor Mohammed emphasized that the order is crucial for maintaining the ecological balance and ensuring sustainable use of forest resources. The prohibition of deforestation is intended not only to protect the environment but also to enhance public safety and security by preventing the adverse effects of environmental degradation, such as erosion and loss of habitat for wildlife.

This executive action is part of a comprehensive strategy to foster community involvement in environmental stewardship and to promote practices that support long-term ecological health. By implementing these measures, the Bauchi State government is demonstrating its commitment to preserving natural resources and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its residents.

The signing of Executive Order No. 2 of 2024 by Governor Bala Mohammed underscores a proactive approach to environmental protection, aiming to curtail illegal activities that harm the environment and to promote sustainable practices within the state. This initiative represents a significant step towards achieving ecological sustainability and enhancing the quality of life for the people of Bauchi State.

While appending his signature on the executive orders. he said:

“This aspect of security and environmental protection is key especially the aspect that is impinging on our security, and of course, our biodiversity that is further aggravating the deploration of our environment by charcoal sellers, bush burners, fellers of tree with a lot of impunity and connivance between our forestry officers, local authorities and various levels of leadership. The law is providing for prosecution and it is going to be implemented without let or hindrance.”

Bauchi State Executive Order No. 2 of 2024, mandates the adoption of a unified system of weights and measures across the state. This measure is intended to protect consumers from the proliferation of inconsistent and potentially deceptive practices by traders.

Governor Mohammed said: ‘It is part of our responsibility of leadership. We have different measures (‘mudu’) that are being used in our markets and our people are being cheated. They are of different sizes and they cost the same.”

He insisted that one acceptable measure will be introduced, and it will be distributed to all the local government areas, towns and villages and anyone found using the old measure will be prosecuted because it is shortchanging the people.

The Bauchi state executive order no. 3 of 2024, bans the issuance of permits for the construction of illegal structures along road corridors, green areas, rights-of-way, utility areas, or setbacks within the state.

“Our road corridors have been encroached with impunity and it has security and environmental implications. some of those shanties according to our security situation are used by bandits, thugs, terrorists etc. who make it a home.He promised to provide alternative places for the traders.”

The governor also vowed to prosecute any individuals or businesses found to violate the new orders.