Fuel Subsidy Removal: House of Reps Approves Tinubu’s Request For N500billion on Palliatives

The amendment to the 2022 appropriation act that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu requested to allow the Federal Government to take N500 billion for palliatives to Nigerians to ease the pain of subsidy removal was approved by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

After contributions from House members urging prudent use of the monies for the purpose they were intended for, the House at the Committee of Supply approved the President’s request.

Members took turns praising the President for his audacious decision to remove fuel subsidy and for demonstrating to Nigerians that he was a President who listened.

House Leader, Julius Ihonvbare who presented the request to members for debate said the country has a President who listens to the yearning of the people.

Minority Leader Kingsley Chinda however said the proper yardstick to measure a government is whether it is responsible and responsive