Fuel Subsidy: Electricity Workers To Embark On Nationwide Strike

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The sudden removal of fuel subsidy by the Nigerian government has prompted the National Union of Electricity (NUEE) to order its members to cease all of their services nationwide.

In a statement issued by Dominic Igwebike, the NUEE’s acting general secretary, it encouraged its members to abide by the order and halt working as of early Wednesday morning.

The NLC’s emergency National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, held on June 2 at the Labour House in Abuja, was the catalyst for the NUEE’s decision, according to the organization. The NLC said that the unexpected termination of the gasoline subsidy had caused tremendous misery for Nigerians and a rise in prices.

The statement reads; ”Sequel to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Emergency National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held on June 2, 2023 at the Labour house Abuja, over the sudden removal of fuel subsidy which has brought untold hardship to Nigerians as well as increased inflation in the economy, the NLC has directed that the nationwide withdrawal of Services action will commence on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

To this effect, all National, State and Chapter executives are requested to start the mobilisation of our members in total compliance with this directive.

“Please note that withdrawal of Services nationwide commences from 0.00 hours of Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Dominic Igwebike
Ag General Secretary
National Union of Electricity Employees