Fraudsters Target Retired Judges in Pension Scam, NJC Raises Alert

The National Judicial Council’s (NJC) issuance of a stern warning to retired judges in Nigeria in response to the surge in reported pension scams emphasizes the need for heightened vigilance and awareness among vulnerable populations. The alarming trend of fraudsters targeting retired judges with phone calls, posing as NJC officials, highlights the sophistication and audacity of these criminal activities.

By advising retired judges to report any suspicious calls to the Council’s Pension Department and encouraging them to share this information with their families and colleagues, the NJC is taking proactive steps to combat pension fraud and protect its members. This proactive approach not only empowers retired judges to safeguard their pensions but also contributes to the broader efforts to prevent financial exploitation and fraud in the judiciary.

The NJC’s swift response to address the reported pension scams underscores its commitment to the welfare and integrity of the judiciary. By prioritizing the security and well-being of retired judges, the NJC sends a clear message that such fraudulent activities will not be tolerated and that measures will be taken to hold perpetrators accountable.

In addition to the NJC’s actions, law enforcement agencies are likely to intensify efforts to investigate and prosecute individuals involved in pension fraud schemes. Collaborative efforts between the NJC, law enforcement, and other relevant stakeholders are essential to effectively combatting financial crimes and protecting retirees from exploitation.

Ultimately, the incident underscores the importance of public education and outreach initiatives to raise awareness about pension fraud and equip retirees with the knowledge and resources to identify and avoid scams. By fostering a culture of vigilance and resilience, stakeholders can work together to safeguard the financial security and well-being of retired judges and other vulnerable populations in Nigeria.

The NJC Director of Information, Soji Oye, emphasized in a statement released on Sunday that the Council “would never demand money from any Judicial Officer to fast-track the payment of his retirement benefit.”

He therefore urged retired judges to be wary of such calls and to disregard any requests for financial contributions.

Oye said, “The attention of the National Judicial Council has been drawn to the incessant phone calls being made to retired judicial officers by some unscrupulous individuals demanding payments to fast-track the processing of their retirement benefits.

“The National Judicial Council, by this medium, informs retired judicial officers and members of the public to disregard such phone calls as the NJC would never demand money from any judicial officer to fast-track the payment of his retirement benefits.”

“The public is hereby advised to be wary of and report such calls to the pension department of the council for appropriate action.”

The statement further details how these fraudsters “have been bombarding retired Judicial officers with phone calls demanding various sums of money.” This tactic preys on the potential vulnerability of retirees unfamiliar with the standard procedures for receiving their pensions.