FIDA Nigeria, Epe Branch Adopts The Paediatric Ward In The Maternal and Child Care Center ,Eti-Osa ,Lagos

The International Federation of Women Lawyers is the premier organisation for Women lawyers in Nigeria. The organisation is commonly known by its acronym of ‘FIDA’. FIDA Nigeria, Epe branch recently embarked on a series of activities which included the adoption of the Maternal and Child Care Center in Eti-Osa by Abraham Adesanya area of Ajah, Lagos state.

The adoption of the Maternal and Child Care Center Eti-Osa by FIDA Nigeria, Epe branch commemorates Children’s day which is celebrated on May 27th every year.

The adoption activities included a visit by FIDA Nigeria, Epe members to the Maternal and Child Care Centre and the donation of basic items like air conditioners and fans. In the course of the visit, the Chairperson of FIDA Nigeria, Epe, Mrs. Ifeyinwa Awagu spoke about the objectives of FIDA including the ‘protection and promotion of the rights of women and children’. She also explained that from the date of this adoption, FIDA Nigeria, Epe branch would embark on periodic visits to the Maternal and Child Care Center Eti-Osa and would provide support to the Centre in terms of improving its facilities and capacity to provide healthcare to the women and children in Ajah/Epe area of Lagos state. A walk around the wards provided the opportunity for FIDA members to see the facility, the staff and the patients in the Paediatric Ward.

The Medical Director, Dr. Quadri M.A thanked FIDA Epe for her generosity and emphasised that FIDA by this partnership will help to foster the reduction in maternal and child mortality.

As the world celebrates Children on May 27th 2023, FIDA Nigeria Epe branch commits to keeping its promise to promote and protect the rights and wellbeing of women and children.