FERMA To Repair Failed Roads, Potholes Nationwide

The Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) has announced its plans to address the issue of potholes and repair failed roads throughout Nigeria as the rainy season approaches.

Godson Amos, the acting Managing Director of FERMA, revealed this information on Sunday in Abuja. He emphasized the importance of undertaking these measures to alleviate the hardships and delays faced by road users on a daily basis.

Amos expressed confidence that the intervention would be carried out within a six-week timeframe, with all potholes and road failures being addressed on federal roads across the country.

He acknowledged receiving reports from various regions about the deplorable conditions of federal roads, which have caused significant inconveniences for road users. Furthermore, he highlighted how these road failures have adversely impacted economic activities by hindering the smooth transportation of goods between locations.

In light of these concerns, FERMA is committed to taking swift action to fill potholes and repair failed roads, aiming to improve road conditions and enhance the overall transportation experience for Nigerians.

”The failures on the roads are mostly caused by the incessant rainfall being experienced in many parts of the country, which results in cutting off of roads embankment and collapsing of many carriageway sections at many locations across the country.

“Also excessive traffic, overloading of vehicles coupled with the age of the roads are other factors that have contributed to the dilapidation of the federal roads.

“This hinders the free flow of traffic, causing colossal damages to vehicles, wastages of productive man hours and huge discomfort to road users.

“Our engineers in the Field Offices have already carried out a route condition survey of the Federal Roads and have identified all critical failures like road embankments washout and failed carriageway section for the agency to take action.”