FCT High Court To Begin Annual Vacation July 17

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The FCT High Court has announced that it will commence its annual vacation starting from July 17 – 18 September, 2023.

This period of vacation is a customary practice followed by the court each year.

During the annual vacation, the FCT High Court suspends its regular judicial activities, including hearings and trials. The purpose of the vacation is to allow judges and court staff to take a break, rejuvenate, and attend to other professional and personal obligations.

During this period, urgent matters may still be attended to by designated judges or through the vacation court system established to handle pressing legal issues.

The vacation court ensures that essential judicial services continue to be available to the public, albeit on a limited basis.

The annual vacation of the FCT High Court is an important part of the court’s operational schedule, providing an opportunity for judges and staff to recharge and prepare for the resumption of regular court activities after the vacation period.

According to the directives from the Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Husseini Baba Yusuf, the new legal year will commence on Monday, 11th September, 2023.