Falana Urges FG To Review Fuel Subsidy Removal

Human rights lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) has called on the Federal Government to review its fuel subsidy removal policy in light of claims that Nigeria is still paying for it.

Despite President Bola Tinubu’s declaration of an end to the subsidy era upon his inauguration, recent assertions from sources like the World Bank and the CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, Mr. Robert Dickerman, suggest otherwise.

These claims have prompted Falana to issue a statement urging the government to address the allegations and reconsider its subsidy removal policy.

The discrepancy between official declarations and ongoing subsidy payments raises questions about the transparency and effectiveness of government policies in addressing fuel pricing and subsidy issues.

Falana’s call for a review underscores the need for accountability and clarity regarding the subsidy regime, ensuring that government actions align with stated policy objectives and serve the best interests of the Nigerian people.

“Curiously, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited has not deemed it fit to deny the serious allegation that fuel subsidy has been restored. Since there is no provision for fuel subsidy in the 2023 and 2024 Appropriation Acts the federal government should, without any further delay, confirm or deny the serious allegation and end the opacity surrounding the importation of fuel from foreign countries,” Falana said.

“It would be recalled that after the Muhammadu Buhari administration announced that it had removed subsidy on petrol, it turned around to spend N11 trillion on the so-called “under-recovery” within a period of 8 years.”

“Therefore, instead of urging Nigerians to continue to endure the hardship caused by the removal of subsidies on petrol, the Bola Tinubu administration. If the federal government is spending as much as N1 trillion on fuel subsidy per month, it is high time the policy was reviewed in the interest of the Nigerian people.”