Ex-NBA-SBL Chairman Seni Adio, SAN, endorses Tobenna Erojikwe for NBA President

In another significant development for the upcoming Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) presidential election, Seni Adio, SAN, a former Chairman of the NBA Section on Business Law (NBA-SBL), has officially endorsed Tobenna Erojikwe for the position of 32nd NBA President.

Adio, a distinguished legal practitioner with international experience, revealed that his decision to endorse Erojikwe came after “serious introspection and considerable reflection on the current state of our legal profession.” This thoughtful approach underscores the gravity with which Adio views the NBA presidency and the challenges facing the legal community in Nigeria.

In his endorsement, Adio painted a detailed picture of Erojikwe’s character and capabilities. He emphasised Erojikwe’s integrity, consistency, and positive demeanour, stating, “Tobenna brings unalloyed integrity to everything he does, whether professional, social, friendship, or, notably, contest. He is also positively consistent in all ramifications, whether in terms of loyalty, industry, or reliability.”

Adio further described Erojikwe as having a “positive vibe,” being “amiable, welcoming, humble, and moderated in how he conducts himself.” He characterised Erojikwe as “a gentleman, albeit fiercely dedicated to and tenacious about principles and causes that he believes in,” while also noting his ability to be pragmatic when necessary.

A key quality that Adio highlighted was Erojikwe’s ability to build consensus. This skill, Adio believes, is crucial for addressing the current challenges facing the legal profession in Nigeria. He stated, “We need a president that will work hard towards building camaraderie, collaboration, endearment, mutual respect, and, indeed, most importantly, enthrone adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct.”

The endorsement particularly lauded Erojikwe’s leadership as Chairman of the Governing Board of the NBA Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NBA-ICLE). Adio enthusiastically praised Erojikwe’s “exemplary stewardship,” noting that under his leadership, the NBA-ICLE has provided “unparalleled and unprecedented access to lawyers in practically all nooks and crannies of Nigeria to commercial law practices.” The programmes offered covered a wide range of areas, including banking and finance, real estate, oil and gas/energy, sports and entertainment, and intellectual property.

Adio emphasised the inclusivity of these programmes, which catered to both young lawyers seeking to develop expertise and seasoned practitioners dealing with complex transactions. He also noted the positive impact on budding lawyers and law students, who benefited from virtual preparatory sessions for bar finals and employment assistance upon admission to the bar.

As a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and an attorney licensed in New York and Massachusetts with experience at the international law firm MINTZ LEVIN, Adio brings a wealth of experience to his endorsement. His support for Erojikwe is expected to carry substantial weight within the legal community as the July 2024 NBA presidential election approaches.

The endorsement concludes with Adio’s unequivocal recommendation: “It is for the foregoing and other reasons, which brevity admonishes delving into, that I unreservedly endorse Tobenna Erojikwe and commend him to you.”

As the race for the NBA presidency intensifies, Erojikwe’s campaign, bolstered by this high-profile endorsement, is likely to focus on his vision for reform, his ability to build consensus, and his track record of service within the legal community, particularly his successful leadership of the NBA-ICLE.